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We’re here to ease your short term, urgent cash flow needs. So, if you’re short of cash due to an unexpected bill, emergency or opportunity you can’t miss, we could help. We know life doesn’t always go to plan, so we’ve made our service as flexible as possible. Using your existing car as collateral to solve your financial needs.

To get it started, simply just fill out the form as shown below or call our hotline. Our representative will contact you for verification and request for additional information if required. All information provided will be kept confidentially.


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OUR Expertise and SERVICES

Car Refinancing

Whether you’re looking to get a lower monthly repayment and interest rate and/or a longer repayment period or perhaps do a cash-out to earn extra money to pay off expenses and credit card debts, PajakCar.com will be able to offer you a car refinancing solution that is perfect for you and your needs. Through our vast

In-House Car Financing

Have credit score concerns or experiencing slow turnaround from bank channels? We offer trustworthy financial support and competitive car loan packages, so you can explore one best suited to your budget and financial condition, without the pain of extensive paperwork.

Used Car Finance

Our friendly car finance specialists are here to walk you through the process of securing a used car finance. Find out how we can help finance your used car and save time through our seamless financing process!

Car Collateral Loan

If you need a personal loan but are having trouble either finding a low rate or getting qualified, you came to the right place. Consult our specialist and we got you covered by using your car as collateral for a loan.. Most people asked “When is it a good idea to use my car as

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3 Easy Steps to Get Your Finance

Step 01

Loan Application

Apply for a loan in the following ways:

(1) Call or Whatsapp Us
(2) One minute online application

Step 02

Approval and Sign-off

We will give you a call to arrange for
an appointment at our office with all
the necessary documents. Once your
loan is approved, the loan agreement
will be handled to you for sign-off.

Step 03

Final Step

Head down to our office premise, sign the loan contract and receive your loan instantly.


Pajak Car offers flexible interest rate and repayment schemes based on loan amount and tenure. It is definitely a great alternative to bank loan which may be a hassle with documentation. Fast approval and suitable for anyone.


Amazing and impressive turnaround time for my auto loan application so that I can secured my vehicle timely and continue to drive as normal. Rates provided are very competitive compared to the rest of the financing company outside as well.


Process yang  cepat dan selamt untuk mendapatkan loan saya. Sangat rekomen untuk membantu dalam situasi sekarang.

Mohd Fairuz


Name: (*required)
Phone: (*required)
Type Of Vehicle: (*required)
Year Of Vehicle: (*required)
Vehicle Fully Paid: (*required)
Where are you from? (*required)



How do I apply for loan?

You can choose the types of loan that you want to apply on the loan application page. If you have doubt, reach out to us and we will help you through the application process

What are the loan requirement?

Loan requirements depends on the product you are applying.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is absolutely none! Application forms are not for sale; you may fill them up free on our website. Loan consultants are not charging any fees for their assistance too! Engage with us now to know more about our loan products and offerings.

How do I know that my loan has been approved?

You will receive notification through email, SMS and through our loan consultants. You will be given instructions on claiming your loan.

How do i get my loan?

We will instruct you with very specific guidelines on how to get your loans.

How do i make payment to my loan?

You will have to make prompt payments every month through e-banking or any other methods of banking in to the lenders bank account. We will continue to improve ourselves to open up more channels of payment solution to ease your payment process.

I have problem with my payments, what do I do?

Please get in touch with our customer service department by either email or phone.

Can I renew my loan?

Contact our loan consultant and they will be able to assist you further



Name: (*required)
Phone: (*required)
Type Of Vehicle: (*required)
Year Of Vehicle: (*required)
Vehicle Fully Paid: (*required)
Where are you from? (*required)


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