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If you need a personal loan but are having trouble either finding a low rate or getting qualified, you came to the right place. Consult our specialist and we got you covered by using your car as collateral for a loan..

Most people asked “When is it a good idea to use my car as collateral?”
Well, it’s typically only a good idea to use your car as collateral if you have exhausted other traditional financing options and have a poor credit score.

In short, it is possible to use your car as collateral for a loan. Doing so may help you qualify for a loan, particularly if you have bad credit.

Benefits of using a car as collateral
There are three main advantages to securing a loan with your vehicle with our company:

  1. Easier to qualify for a loan. Due to the added security that lenders gain from your vehicle as collateral, loans are typically much easier to qualify for than traditional personal loans.  
  2. Lower rates. Secured loans typically have lower interest rates available.  
  3. Continue to Drive. You are allow to drive it as per normal. isn’t that simple?

Our friendly car finance specialists are here to walk you through the process of securing a used car finance. Find out how we can help finance your used car and save time through our seamless financing process!

Have credit score concerns or experiencing slow turnaround from bank channels? We offer trustworthy financial support and competitive car loan packages, so you can explore one best suited to your budget and financial condition, without the pain of extensive paperwork.

Whether you’re looking to get a lower monthly repayment and interest rate and/or a longer repayment period or perhaps do a cash-out to earn extra money to pay off expenses and credit card debts, will be able to offer you a car refinancing solution that is perfect for you and your needs.

Through our vast network of bank and financial partners, we can offer car refinancing deals for different car types. Depending on your circumstances or on some eligibility criteria, we can offer you a much favourable interest rate or a longer repayment period, making your repayments easier to manage.



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